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Improving Safety Compliance

By combining inputs from several data sources into one consistent and customized display, Fleet Fidelity improves safety compliance. Managers can rest assured they are receiving a holistic knowledge of driver performance thanks to this thorough overview, which makes it easier to manage compliance and develop risk-reduction plans.

Top Drivers

Users can sort the driver scores in either ascending or descending order with the Top Drivers function, which effectively arranges drivers depending on their driver score. With the use of this functionality, fleet managers and terminals can quickly review driver statuses.

Driver Score Distribution

The Driver Score Distribution feature visually represents how driver scores are distributed across the fleet. Users can rapidly ascertain the amount of drivers falling within particular score ranges by hovering over each percentage.

Key Events

Key Events offers a summary of significant occurrences for the specified date(s), including crashes, HOS violations, SMS events, and average MGP. Fleet managers may track and assess the overall performance of their fleet by presenting these crucial indicators, identifying areas in need of improvement.

Operating Companies

The Operating Companies section displays driver rankings similarly to the Top Drivers feature, however, it adopts a top-down strategy, starting with the running corporations when displaying the scores.

ELD, Camera, SMS, Maintenance & TMS

ELD, Camera, SMS, Maintenance, and TMS are illustrated via the data sources that feed into Fleet Fidelity and identify the top events that drive each category.

System KPIs

The three Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) with the highest risk factors are displayed along with their trend over time in the System KPIs feature. To further understand fleet performance, users can quickly filter and examine different KPIs. In order to effectively address potential risks, fleet managers can concentrate on the most important KPIs and make data-driven decisions.


The Weight feature allows customization of individual weight values assigned to each KPI, based on their significance to the organization. By assigning weights to different KPIs, users can establish the relative importance of each metric. The formula Weight x Qualifying Events = Risk Factor enables managers to evaluate the overall risk level associated with each KPI, ensuring that the system accurately reflects their organizational priorities and goals.

Profile & Driver Score

View essential driver information and benchmarking against other drivers in the fleet. This empowers fleet managers to make data-driven decisions and implement targeted improvements to enhance overall driver safety and efficiency.

Driver Stats

The Driver Stats feature offers a detailed breakdown of fuel efficiency and revenue generation. By highlighting these essential statistics, fleet managers can optimize fuel consumption, and maximize revenue potential, ultimately leading to cost savings and improved operational performance.

Driver Trends

This feature provides a visual representation of how a driver's performance, as measured by the Driver Score, changes and evolves over a specific period of time. This dynamic illustration allows fleet managers to track trends, identify patterns, and gain valuable insights into driver behavior and improvement over time, facilitating targeted coaching and training initiatives for continuous performance enhancement.

Driving Events

Driving Events presents a comprehensive list of individual events that have a direct impact on the calculation of the Driver Score. By detailing specific occurrences, fleet managers can pinpoint the factors influencing driver performance and make informed decisions to address areas of concern, promote safer driving habits, and ultimately improve the overall Driver Score.

Configurability: A Fleet Fidelity Differentiator

Concerned about high-risk events like accidents and violations? Assign higher value to events that are important to your business with simple customization tools.

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