Fleet Fidelity

The Most Comprehensive Fleet-Driven Performance Platform

The FleetFidelity Performance Platform by Yahara Software provides a unified view of company performance based on your key metrics and priorities. By tapping into your business systems, we enable actionable insights about profitability, safety, maintenance, and overall performance from the executive to the driver level. We eliminate department silos by integrating all relevant third-party fleet data, providing consistent and transparent KPIs for all functions within your organization.

Key ROI Contributors

  • Decision Velocity - Make an impact on profitability quickly with real-time analysis.
  • Data Accuracy - Reduce reporting discrepancies by using the most relevant data sources.
  • Productivity - Eliminate off-line spreadsheets and analysis with data integration.
  • Driver Retention - Identify, reward and retain the most profitable drivers.
  • Cost Reduction - Access a complete financial picture to make timely decisions that impact your bottom line.
43% of your cost can be improved managing driver behavior

Key Benefits

A unified view of fleet metrics gives your company the tools you need to drive improved performance and increased profitability across your organization.

  • Executives – Reliable, consistent insights help drive strategic investment decisions.
  • Front Line Managers – Visibility to fleet, group, and driver level performance enables focus on key areas that need attention.
  • Drivers – Transparency to performance measurement—compared to peers and corporate goals—gives drivers information they need to improve their performance.

Our Process

We partner with our clients to design, configure and deliver a tailored, scalable solution. The process, enabled by existing data relationships and technology frameworks continues to evolve with your business needs.

  • Define Metrics – Identify key metrics and data sources within your operations.
  • Stabilize Data – Connect, secure, and integrate data across systems.
  • Configure Platform – Align weights and scores to match your fleet’s strategic initiatives.
  • Monitor Performance – Ongoing diagnostics for connectivity and data integrity.