Yahara Software is an interactive web solutions and custom software architecture firm founded in 1994 and acquired by Eric Thomas and Kevin Meech in 2002. Later, Bob Vanden Burgt and Garrett Peterson joined the team, and today, these four owners continue to lead Yahara.

We named our company after the local Yahara Watershed ecosystem, which encompasses the greater Madison area and supports the five major lakes and wetlands that define our community. Yahara uses this inspiration to craft quality solutions that are designed to promote organizational growth while preserving the balance and desirable elements of the business environment.

We are proud of our vibrant capital city and the communities to which we belong, appreciate the natural beauty of our city and are inspired by its business culture. And we graciously and sincerely acknowledge the support and participation of our stakeholders: most notably our customers, partners, employees and families.


kayaking mendotaSupporting the interdependencies of the Madison technological ecosystem.

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