Custom Application Development

Custom Application Development

Helping Streamline Success

Creating high-quality, extensible  software is a complex process and often companies end up with software that serves the immediate purpose but is difficult to maintain and extend as business and technology drivers change. Solutions that are designed just to support short-term goals can begin to strain once the pressure of more users, more tasks or more complicated workflows arrive on the scene. The right software solution isn’t static, it grows with your business, but designing and developing that system requires an expert hand and can add significant cost. 

At Yahara, we bring over 20 years of application development experience to every project. With our strong competencies in identifying and understanding business and technology drivers, we are able to design the right solution by utilizing our existing scalable application framework. By using this well-tested and proven framework, we speed up development and provide our clients with a software design that will grow with their businesses in an accelerated and cost-effective manner. Out iterative delivery approach, along with our ability to support and maintain developed solutions, provides a long-term partnership our clients can rely on.

Yahara's Library of Proven Foundation Assemblies

custom application development

Key Benefits:

  • Shaves as much as 3-4 weeks off typical project timelines
  • Maintains similarity across our projects, making it easier to ramp in additional resources when needed
  • Leverages common third-party open source libraries and standard approaches, making it easier to support
  • Multi-tiered, interface-driven architecture supports testability, extensibility and maintainability
  • Delivers a highly scalable and extensible solution that will evolve with your needs



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