Other Capabilities

Other Capabilties

When off-the-shelf software fail to address an organization’s unique needs, Yahara Software provides expertise to solve those unique challenges. Yahara Software’s clients have experienced increased productivity, reduced data entry errors and actionable insights into business process results through custom software development. While expertise in Biohealth Informatics and other custom development is at the core of Yahara’s expertise, clients in various domains such as transportation, education, agriculture, geospatial systems and use of point of sale systems have benefited with solutions provided by Yahara Software.

  • Enable transportation businesses to ensure compliance, enhance customer service and improve fleet efficiency by integrating with vehicle telematics.
  • Enable public and private colleges across the world to build and manage curriculum development.
  • Streamline business and user workflows for various domains such as Live Stock Auction and Sale, Health Care Network provider and claims management for Self-Insured employers and many others.