Yahara Software provides comprehensive assessments of DevSecOps program maturity as well as implementation services to take DevSecOps programs to the desired level of an organization.  Using the CMMI model Yahara Software benchmarks current controls and provides detailed assessments of what is required to achieve control maturity goals.  As an implementor Yahara Software has expertise in many tools which can improve an existing or build a new DevSecOps program. With our unique experience, we provide the following:

Secure management of cloud based ecosystems.

Infrastructure management and desired state tracking for infrastructure using Terraform.

Configuration management and desired state compliance using Ansible

OpenSCAP to manage the regulatory compliance of the environment with integrations into Ansibl

Simplify management of services using containerization and orchestration technologies such as docker and Kubernete

Monitoring environments using Yahara Software hosted solutions including SigNoz, Defect Dojo and Graylog or using cloud native solutions such as Azure Monitor.

Cloud Agnostic tools that can be used to manage public cloud solutions such as Azure, AWS and GCP or private cloud solutions such as Open Stack.