Enterprise System Integration

Enterprise System Integration Software

Proven Domain Proficiency

Today’s companies face many challenges in making business decisions and optimizing processes due to key information and functions being spread across multiple software applications. This necessity of using different applications for different facets of their business, makes it difficult to see all relevant data in one location. Whether you want to pull together data from your own internal systems, or you need to integrate data from the outside world, getting everything you need in one place can be complex and daunting.

In response to this demand, Yahara has developed a scalable system integration framework. This framework is used to support our clients’ complex business process automation and data aggregation needs. With tremendous domain expertise across the primary markets we serve, our framework can be customized for accelerated delivery of a custom solution built on a proven platform. Our time-tested iterative approach to collaborating with our clients delivers the most strategic software solutions possible. 

Yahara's Time-Tested Database Integration Framework

esb architecture

Key Benefits:

  • Scheduling – Built-in ability to schedule the integration to occur as frequently as you need
  • Message based orchestration – Supports complex, multi-step workflows
  • Plugin adapter architecture – Supports standardized interface for rapidly  integrating new external systems
  • Intermediate data persistence – The ability to keep the data you need at intermediate steps for processing traceability
  • Monitoring database and portal – Adds visibility to the status and results of scheduled integrations



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