Interactive Web Portals

Interactive Web Portals

The Front-End of a Complete Software Solution

Most companies have a website but struggle with how to integrate it with their other internal systems and leverage it to offer value-added services to their clients. From Ecommerce and order fulfilment, to delivering digital content or collecting data from your users, you want to be sure you can keep information flowing between you and your customers and partners. Custom interactive web portals allow you to interface with the outside world in a way that makes sense for you and them, but designing the right solution to fit your specific needs is a complex task.


At Yahara, we design web solutions from the inside out. By truly understanding what information our clients need and how they need to use it, we are able to aggregate the right data and systems and ultimately build an interactive, user-friendly web portal that drives value. Our Big Picture approach to interactive website success contains the essential elements to a website lifecycle that we have identified and mastered, and we include them in every project we do. 



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