Yahara Ventures

The Program

Yahara Software has launched Yahara Ventures, a risk-sharing, software development platform tailored to the needs of start-up companies.  For select start-ups, the Yahara team will evaluate and respond with well-reasoned feedback and advice for any opportunities considered.  For entities the team choses to engage further, we will:

  • Offer software development and technical support at a deeply discounted price in exchange for equity. 
  • Provide the technical services needed to build an initial MVP and get it deployed into a testable scenario.
  • Provide low-cost access to Yahara’s proprietary, enterprise-ready software platform.
  • Provide tech support for beta customers and evaluate market reaction to the solution being developed.
  • Provide ongoing CTO/tech support as needed to move the organization through its formative stages.
  • Assist in consulting with the venture funding community to craft a strategy for commercializing the concept.

Is Your Business a Match?

Ideal start-up partners for Yahara Ventures have the following characteristics:

  • Product or service that could make a major impact within the life science/healthcare, transportation or educational sectors.
  • Experienced leadership team who are willing to leverage Yahara technical leadership to help ensure success.
  • Recently closed or pending angel/seed funding with enough capital to maintain operations through an initial pilot.
  • An identified pilot partner who can provide meaningful feedback and assistance with product development.

Evaluation Criteria

When evaluating potential opportunities, the Yahara Ventures’ investment committee focuses on the following items:

Yahara Ventures will only pursue B2B or B2B2C opportunities.

Yahara wants to be an active partner in the development of the concept and provide domain expertise accordingly.

As a venture offering, we are looking for opportunities that could experience rapid growth to generate significant returns on our investment.

We expect to work closely with your existing investors to ensure success for all involved.  The strength of your investment team is as important to us as the qualifications of the founders and the business issue being addressed.

We believe that all business concepts should be evaluated as quickly as possible by real customers.  Before we will engage with a new venture, a pilot customer must be identified and there must be a plan for that customer to provide meaningful feedback on the solution's usefulness and viability.

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