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For over 20 years, we've been working with leaders in the industry to deliver transformational services and applications to the market.


Identify opportunities for savings by aligning business technology to measure and optimize your operations. With expertise in safety, human resources, brokerage, and maintenance operations we help reduce operational expense and enable long-term growth.


Investments in business systems and applications made over time can lead to multiple, disconnected silos of rich data. We help to get the most out of your investments by integrating and sharing information across these silos, resulting in increased productivity, less data entry errors, and a more consistent and accurate view of your business.


Because off-the-shelf software isn’t designed with unique business processes in mind, fleets can add functionality and value to technology investments with customized software. We design and implement system enhancements such as driver assignment, and single sign-on, as well as targeted apps and complete end-to-end software solutions.


Multiple systems can lead to multiple dashboards that require timely data processing and analysis. Quickly identify and address opportunities to improve performance with dashboards and driver scorecards aligned with your business KPIs. This unified view delivers actionable insights about profitability, safety, maintenance, and overall performance from the executive to the driver level.

Keep Your Data Moving

Our technology is based on established frameworks and experience that prioritizes timely deployment and return on your investment.

Our well-tested and proven framework accelerates development and delivers a software design that enables business growth in a consistent, cost-effective manner. Our iterative delivery approach, expertise, and experience in developing and maintaining solutions provide a long-term partnership that clients can rely on.

We leverage existing chart widgets and a portal architecture that is extensible for future needs. Aligned with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) required to monitor and drive your business decisions, our flexible dashboard framework delivers immediate access to meaningful business insights.

Designed for scalability and flexibility, the system integration framework is the processing backbone for our data integration solutions. With the core software architecture already developed and in place, this framework and corresponding system adapters can be customized rapidly with less risk than developing a solution from scratch.

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