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For over two decades, we have collaborated with transportation industry leaders to provide revolutionary services and applications to the market thoughtfully designed to improve safety, cut costs, and reduce compliance risks. 


Maximize your operational efficiency and cost savings by aligning your business technology with our expertise in safety, human resources, brokerage, and maintenance operations. Our comprehensive approach helps reduce operational expenses and facilitates long-term growth. 


Over time, investments in various business systems and applications can result in disconnected data silos. Unlock the full potential of your investments by integrating and sharing information across these silos. Experience increased productivity, reduced data entry errors, and gain a consistent and accurate view of your business. 


Off-the-shelf software often fails to address unique business processes. Enhance your technology investments with customized software that caters to your fleet's specific needs. Our team designs and implements system enhancements, such as driver assignment and single sign-on, as well as targeted apps and complete end-to-end software solutions. 


Managing multiple systems often means dealing with numerous dashboards that require timely data processing and analysis. Streamline your operations by utilizing our fleet dashboard and driver scorecards, tailored to your business KPIs. This unified view provides actionable insights on profitability, safety, maintenance, and overall performance, from executives to drivers. 

Keep Your Data Moving

Our technology is based on established frameworks and experience that prioritizes timely deployment and return on your investment.

Experience accelerated development and a software design that supports business growth in a consistent and cost-effective manner with our scalable application framework. Our proven iterative delivery approach, coupled with our expertise in developing and maintaining solutions, ensures a long-term partnership that fleet managers can rely on for success. 

Access meaningful business insights instantly with our data dashboard framework designed specifically for fleet managers. Leveraging existing chart widgets and an extensible portal architecture, our flexible framework aligns with the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) essential for monitoring and driving your fleet management decisions.

Streamline your fleet management operations with our system integration framework. Engineered for scalability and flexibility, this framework serves as the backbone for our data integration solutions. By leveraging our pre-developed core software architecture and customizable system adapters, you can achieve rapid customization with reduced risk compared to starting from scratch.

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