Yahara Software Expands the Penthouse at 8000 Excelsior Drive






Yahara Software relocated to the Sauk Trails office park in September of 2009 after reaching capacity at their previous facility in Waunakee.  "At the time we were about half of the size we are today and wanted to relocate to Madison where we had the space and relationships to grow the company", stated Eric Thomas, President of Yahara.  After completing a pretty extensive search, Yahara’s management team unanimously selected the 4th floor of the 8000 Excelsior building.  "The space just felt right and it gave us the much needed room to grow along with a great technology infrastructure provided by SupraNet”, Thomas remarked.  Seven years later, Yahara is completing its second expansion initiative which will make the offices, open collaborative spaces, kitchen and recreational facilities occupy just over 9000 square feet.  “One of the significant benefits we have found in working with the Gialamas Company is the flexibility they have provided us in space reconfiguration as we have grown.  During our recent expansion initiative, we considered a number of properties in "the park" but in the end our team really wanted to build on the momentum we started seven years ago in this space.  George’s old office has been our "break room" since we first occupied the penthouse and our team couldn’t give up the beautiful view from the 4th floor deck while playing pool or pinball”,  Thomas laughed.   "Our teams work on some really interesting projects but consulting and coding can be stressful.  It has always been in our culture to intermingle some fun into the workplace.”  Yahara Software has just over 30 consultants in their Madison offices and is expecting to increase their workforce by 30% in 2017 due to a number of recent engagements in their life sciences practice.  Thomas also suggested that anybody in the office park is always welcome to stop over for a beverage and a game of pool or pinball as long as it is after 4:30!  Check out the Yahara website to learn more about events they are sponsoring on our community at