Meet Rusty

Director of Transportation Services at Yahara Software

Employee Spotlight: Rusty Weiss

Meet Rusty Weiss, an industry veteran with a passion for problem solving. He considers himself a student of closed loop behavior modification and an early adopter of video feedback in fleet management. Rusty has years of experience in transportation, having served as a Director of Product Management where he led traffic safety research in North America, Europe, and China with a focus on driver behavior.
While being a life-long problem solver, Rusty is also skilled in Product Management and takes pride in translating a problem into clear requirements that allow him and his team to find and implement a custom solution for their client.
Prior to becoming Yahara Software’s Director of Business Development in Transportation, Rusty was a customer of Yahara Software for about 10 years. He said he was inspired to join our team because he saw a group of highly competent people who really care about their work and take pride in providing ‘white glove treatment’ to their clients by being responsive and thorough every day. Most of all, Rusty takes immense pride in being part of a team that impacts over 1 million drivers per day, helping them to be safer and more efficient.