Don’t Shout AI in a Busy Laboratory!

Join us on Wednesday, September 27

Amidst the Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) buzz in BioTech, exploration usually takes the spotlight, yet the potential to enhance daily lab operations often goes unnoticed. Many of us have explored Large Language Model (LMM) tools such as Chat GPT to summarize information, but for many it is unclear how to integrate these technologies into practical laboratory workflows. This talk uncovers the practical side of AI, demonstrating how it streamlines and enhances routine laboratory tasks. Delve into the synergy of AI, ML and LMM in biological analysis production, boosting efficiency, precision, and collaboration in modern labs.

Join James Smagala and Adam Steinert from Yahara software as they explore seamless AI/ML integration, automating tasks and improving decisions in biological analysis workflows. They will discuss how AI/ML can be used to minimize errors and accelerates data insights across areas like sample tracking, quality control, and experimental design. Building on this, they will dive into LLMs' transformative role in extracting meaningful insights from intricate data, making them accessible to diverse stakeholders. Practical case studies showcase AI/ML and LLMs collaborating in tasks such as report generation, cross-functional communication, and regulatory compliance. Join us to uncover the potential of AI/ML and LLMs at the innovation-practicality crossroads in biological analysis labs.