Employee Spotlight: Laura Omdahl

Laura Omdahl is a veteran member of Yahara Software, and of Yahara’s Transportation Team in particular. She started at Yahara as a Software Developer and Business Analyst where her skillset and flexibility has helped Yahara provide top-tier service to clients for years. Early on in her time with Yahara, Laura took on her first project as a Project Manager/Business Analyst and learned a love for Business Analysis as she was finding ways to help clients streamline their business processes through the use of data analytics.

Laura takes pride in her ability to use data analytics to help identify areas of improvement that will help her clients gain efficiency. She is focused on developing and delivering a custom solution that works for her clients and addresses their specific needs. Considering Laura’s love for data analytics, she is very excited about the future! Currently, she is most looking forward to the impact that data lakes will have on integration platforms, as they hold so many possibilities. She looks forward to seeing the Fleet Fidelity team use their knowledge and experience with integration platforms to continue solving new and more unique problems. Laura looks forward to using the team’s knowledge and ingenuity to help clients with too much data find ways to integrate and analyze that data in an efficient way. She knows how valuable it is to be able to pull specific data and report on it quickly when needed, so Laura and the rest of the Fleet Fidelity Team are looking forward to providing that solution!