Webinar: Navigating the Detention Dilemma

Webinar: Navigating the Detention Dilemma

Insights into Driver Detention in Trucking

Tired of drivers sitting idle and profits slipping away?

Join our free webinar, "Navigating the Detention Dilemma", to get data-driven strategies for optimizing operations and boosting your bottom line.

In this 30-minute webinar, we will have the privilege of hearing from Susan Soccolich, a Senior Research Associate at the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (VTTI). With her expertise in statistics and extensive experience in research design and analysis, Susan delves into the intricate realm of driver detention, also known as trucking detention. Through meticulous data analysis and research findings, she sheds light on the multifaceted nature of this issue and its impact on driver safety, operational efficiency, and supply chain dynamics. Join us as we explore the challenges and opportunities in this critical aspect of the trucking industry and chart a course towards enhanced efficiency and sustainability.


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