Webinar Recap: Navigating the Detention Dilemma

Webinar Recap: Navigating the Detention Dilemma

Key insights from trucking industry experts on the costly impact of driver detention

Webinar Overview

Truck drivers are the backbone of our supply chain, but their time is often not valued. Driver detention, the excessive waiting that drivers endure during loading and unloading, is a pervasive issue with serious consequences.

In our latest webinar, transportation industry experts Susan Soccolich, Rusty Weiss, Clay Merches, and David O'Neal delved into the complex issue of driver detention, shedding light on its detrimental impact and potential solutions. Watch a replay of the webinar below and review our summary to learn more about driver detention in the transportation industry.

The Cost of Detention

Detention isn't just an inconvenience; it has a ripple effect on carriers and drivers alike. For carriers, it leads to lost productivity, decreased revenue, and strained capacity. Drivers face frustration, fatigue, hours-of-service limitations, and the potential for safety risks due to rushed schedules.

The Importance of Data

To tackle this problem effectively, our panelists emphasized the crucial role of data collection. By gathering detailed information on detention times, carriers can identify trends, pinpoint problem areas, and negotiate better contracts with shippers and receivers that respect driver time.

Call for Participation

Susan Soccolich, a Senior Research Associate at the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (VTTI) is actively conducting a study on detention time and urge fleets to participate. By anonymously contributing their detention data, carriers can help build a comprehensive understanding of the issue. This collective data will be crucial in developing industry-wide solutions.

Solutions on the Horizon

Our webinar concluded with a note of optimism. Our expert speakers anticipate that the results of the study will be available soon, paving the way for informed discussions and collaborative efforts to minimize driver detention. By working together, the trucking industry can create a more efficient and respectful environment for drivers.

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