Education Systems Integration

Access to educational technology is more abundant than ever and schools, universities, and corporations are capitalizing on it. With so many good systems available to choose from, it’s easy to get into a situation where you have the perfect software for each task, but none of them will "play nicely" with each other. After all, you want the whole picture, not just bits and pieces and you want to make sure that your efforts lead to a consistent experience for your learners every time they access the academic software. 


Yahara can help you integrate all of your systems so that they support your entire instructional process. You won’t have to switch between applications to get to the data you need. We can make your ERP, LMS, and curriculum management systems work together seamlessly, reducing duplication of effort, data entry errors, and user fatigue.


You want your learners to have the best experience possible with your system. Naturally, you buy the best product for each application you need. A LMS, ERP, and curriculum management software are all potential parts of a greater whole, but they don’t always work that way. Yahara has partnered with multiple companies over the years to help them create, enhance, and integrate educational software. In a perfect world, any change you make in one system, automatically flows to the next. If you create a new course in your ERP, you want that new course name and number to flow into the curriculum management software, alerting your teachers that they can create lesson plans, performance assessment tasks and syllabi. Once that step is complete, you want to make sure your students have access to the course catalog, the ability to sign up for the class, and a platform for performance assessments. Once the grades are in, they need to get into the ERP to complete the cycle. Yahara has helped customers like you ensure that your data is where it needs to be, when it needs to be there. And if you can’t find the perfect academic software to exactly meet your needs, we have years of experience developing custom solutions for schools, universities, and corporations alike.

You’ve got curriculum management down to a science, but you know you’re collecting data you aren’t making use of. Whether it’s a desire to analyze your course matrix for gaps, ensure that prereqs are offered on a consistent basis, or ensure that your employees are aware of their recurring training needs, Yahara can help you pull the data you need from your systems and create a custom portal to view and analyze that data. And it doesn't stop there. Lots of valuable information is available publicly that can help your business, such as job requirements, salary distributions, and free resources for learners and instructors alike. Yahara can ensure that you have everything you need to make a decision in front of you at all times.

Sometimes, an off the shelf solution just isn’t quite the right fit for your needs. Maybe the solutions you’re finding out of the box are just too involved, and you really need something simpler and more streamlined. Or maybe the solution is perfect, but missing a key piece of functionality you really need. If what you have is almost, but not quite the solution, Yahara can help get you the rest of the way there by creating custom software to augment, simplify, or supplant what is currently on the market. We’ve helped our customers create custom software to track training, send training reminders, and push content to learners on a regular basis. Got a creative idea for some new software or a persistent annoyance in your current software? We can help with that.

As an administrator, you have data from every system at your fingertips, but what if you have data that your employees, teachers, or learners could benefit from seeing? Instead of giving everyone access to all your systems, Yahara can help you create methods for content delivery and viewing portals that allow your users to interact with only the data relevant to them. From course catalogs to student feedback, we can make sure the information your learners and instructors need is available to them in an easy to understand and easy to access format.

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