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Spanning a range of specialized and interdisciplinary fields,  life science companies are increasingly relying on innovative technology to maximize their data’s full potential. Not only do you want to collect and store more data than ever before, you want to view it in ways that help you make good scientific and business decisions. Whether looking to implement a LIMS, create an operational dashboard, or develop a completely custom piece of software, you want a technology expert that understands your business. With Yahara, you can skip the basics and reach a solution that truly works for you.

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Yahara project teams possess the unique combination of industry knowledge, life sciences backgrounds, and technical skills needed to successfully collaborate with clients to eradicate operational pain points quickly and effectively. We have experience working with a variety life science clients, from those that manufacture biological end products - cell lines, biological reagents, etc. - to those that develop instrumentation to gather vast amounts of complex data.  We partner with our clients to provide customized, expert, technology solutions that further advance scientific discovery, produce innovative product developments, and elucidate important insights through complex data analytics and visualization.



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As a company grows, systems originally designed to support laboratory operations may not be able to fully support operational analysis of the laboratory information and processes. Sometimes you may need some consulting help to even untangle your current needs from your legacy processes and system. In those cases, our team has the ability to conduct engaging workshops with your staff to tease out problematic workflows, areas for improvements and core requirements for new technologies. The end result is clear documentation of the process-driven data requirements for each area of your laboratory or biotech operations.

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