How big is Big?

Data aggregation projects can be daunting. Finding all your data, getting it to the same location, and getting it to play nicely together can be quite a task. But, by taking principles that have guided Big Data projects, and applying them to your small, medium, or large data project you can take some of the guesswork out of the process. This article outlines the steps and key questions that can help any project be successful.

Tap into Security - Security in multi-tenant systems

In this 5 part series, we will summarize the major topics covered at a recent Tap into Security event. The first installment details a presentation made by consultant Abbey Vangeloff illustrating a laboratory assessment program implemented for a US based client. Since this was a multi-tenant database, it was imperative that we create a secure environment where each user had access to only their own data. Perhaps more importantly, we wanted to create an atmosphere for the users where they could be confident they knew the correct workflows for keeping their local assessment data secure and only publishing the data to the national level that they wanted to share. 

BI Dashboards

At Yahara, we’ve guided many companies along the right route to creating the visualizations they need in the timeframe they need it. Time and time again, we’ve realized that certain key elements can make or break a dashboard project.