Transportation Data Aggregation and Analytics

Increased efficiency, improved safety, and
decreased costs?
We can help with that.

With increasing regulations on driver logs, fuel tax reporting, and intensified focus on driver safety, the number of metrics needed to track your business and regulatory needs can seem daunting. You want to protect your fleet, increase efficiencies, motivate your drivers, and stay within the regulations. Having software that fully supports all your needs isn’t a "nice-to-have", it’s a necessity.

Driving results

Yahara’s expertise in data aggregation and analytics allows us to make sense of the overwhelming amount of data collected to support modern transportation needs. At Yahara, we make it easy by organizing all your data into usable, actionable information so that you can concentrate on keeping your fleet on the road and your drivers safe.



Enterprise System Integration

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Data Analytics & Dashboards

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Custom Application Development

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Interactive Web Portals

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